The fabulous Roy Cape All Stars & their Hot lead singer For Miami Carnival Friday Night International Soca Concert Event. Coming soon all your favorites artists audio music on this page check back for...


Dexter John “Blaxx” Stewart started his musical Journey at age of thirteen. His father, Jerry Stewart, owned his own band called “Jerry and New School”. Dexter then joined a very popular band called...


Check out the Hot Artists who will be performing soca gold live The fabulous Roy Cape All Stars & their Hot lead singer  “Blaxx”  Edwin Yearwood of Krosfyah  Iwer George  Red Plastic...


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 Welcome to Soca Gold Live a website of the South Florida Organization of Caribbean Arts, Inc. (SOCA), a Not for Profit Organization.

Miami Carnival Friday Night,

 Header banner A must for Soca lovers,  will kick off the Miami Carnival Weekend with an all-star line up featuring the Caribbean’s No 1 Band out of Trinidad – the sensationalRoy Cape AllStars& their Hot lead singer,Blaxx,singing,  “No Getaway”, “Leh Go” andmuch more;  Iwer George, the proclaimed King of Trinidad and Tobago dancehalls, singing his new hit, “Bubble”; two of the hottest artists out of Barbados, the crowd pleasing, pulsating,Red Plastic Bagand  Edwin Yearwood,the founder and lead singer of one of the Caribbean’s most well know and successful Soca bands, Krosfyah, with two of his new hits, “Pushing it” and “Work that Thing”. The Soca Gold Live Miami Carnival Friday Night event will also feature the seven-time Grenada Calypso Monarch, Ajamu; a Soca old time Grand Daddy, Lord Nelson;  WCK, Dominica’s No 1 Band; Saint Vincent and the Grenadines’ most energetic and charismatic performer and song writer, Luta; and much much more.

About Us

Since 2001, Soca Gold Live has bought the best Caribbean Soca artists to South Florida for Miami Carnival Friday Night.  The 2001 Soca Gold Live event at the Diplomat Hotel in Downtown Miami was such a success that it has become an annual event.  The venue was moved to Broward in 2002, where all subsequent events  have been held. After a brief hiatus in 2009, Soca Gold Live is being relaunched as a project of S.O.C.A.


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